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Who are you when you’re dead?

The question answers itself. Who can you see at your funeral? Friends, family, tears down some cheeks, some in silence. Would it be raining? How long would it take for your loved ones to forget? Not that you’re not important, but like everything else, you are just a memory; a dream that slowly fades out of ones head. Is this what God intended? Maybe all life is a dream, and you will wake up at the beginning. One giant cycle that you have no control over. Who is to say reality is real? All of this could be a mirage to test the limits of the mind. Death is always around, no matter what path in life you take. Is there even a point to life? No one knows. We are all put in this soil for a reason, but does anyone know why? People are pawns on a chest board; the brave ones become the important pieces. That’s tough. Especially since whatever you do in life will fade away. Dust in the wind, that’s life.

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Life is not monopoly

Mind games are a trip. Why do I still play when I know the game is rigged?

— 6 months ago
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